RAF100 – Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire
On 30th June 2017 | 0 Comments
On April 1st 1918 the Royal Air Force was formed, becoming the first in the world to be completely independent from the Navy and went on to become a vital part of the war effort in World War II.

The RAF is proud of their rich history and achievements. From battle-winning performances high above the skies of Britain in the nation’s hour of need to more recent activities that include:

  • tackling terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • securing and protecting the skies above the UK;
  • disaster relief around the World;
  • supporting the Civil Authorities in times of national emergency.

The RAF continues to make a vital contribution to the security and prosperity of the nation. Always at the cutting edge of innovation and technology, the RAF is equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

But it is not just about aircraft and high-tech equipment. The RAF has always relied on the skill, expertise and, above all, the innovation, of those within the Service and all who play a wider supporting role. With your help, we will commemorate all who have gone before and at the same time inspire current and future generations.

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